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Wipes & Other Nonflushables Continue to Wreak Havoc on Sewer Systems Worldwide

Key Takeaways:
  • "Sewer pump clogs due to personal care and household wipes, along with other nonflushable materials including masks and gloves,  appear around the world on almost a daily basis". 
  • "Wipes, paper towels, tissues and other materials DO NOT disintegrate in the sewer like toilet paper".
  • "Wipes and other materials collect on pumps casuing clogs which  mix with fats, oils, grease and other sewage to form fatbergs in pipes". 
  • "The cost to remove these clogs is significant in both personnel and equipment". 
  • "A moderately sized, single clog can cost tens of thousands of dollars".
What Can You Do at Home to Prevent Havoc on Our System
  • The term flushable means something can be flushed but it is misleading to the consumer. 'Flushable' items are not safe for your homes pipes and local sewer systems. 
  • Only flush the 3P's - Pee, Poop, and (toilet) Paper.