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General Information

All new connections must be completed by a contractor from our APPROVED list - please contact the main office at 734.426.9797 for this list. 

For existing sewer customers prior to starting any additions/decks/remodeling, you must:
  • Provide a copy of your plans to MLWSA for examination and approval.  Said plan should be scalable and indicate all required Township Setback Requirements;
  • Obtain all necessary approvals and permits from your respective Township Building Authority;
There is a sewer maintenance easement of 15' for the grinder pump/vacuum pit discharge line (7.5' either side of the centerline of the discharge line, from the grinder pump/vacuum pit to the sewer main). There is also a maintenance easement of 15' around the grinder pump station/vacuum pit (7.5' radius from the center of the grinder pump station/vacuum pit).  Please refer to the Sewer Authority Easement tab.

Variance requests for planned encroachment into maintenance easements will be considered on a case by case basis but are not guaranteed.

Connecting to the MLWSA Sewer System
The MLWSA System Connection Guidelines provides extensive information about connecting to the MLWSA sewer system.  An approved site plan signed off by the Director is your first step in this process.  Connection fees are subject to change monthly depending on supplier and since every connection is somewhat unique, please discuss your connection plans with us to ensure everything goes smoothly. Contact our office for current connection rates, site specific equipment needs and application.

  •  House Generators MUST be sized to handle all motor loads (MLWSA Grinder pumps have a 1 Horse Power Motor/ 240 Volt/AMP load with an in rush amperage of 35 which eventually drops to 6/7 AMPS)
  • 30 AMP Disconnect outside the house must be installed
  • Grinder Pump needs to be factored in with rest of house load (priority order: grinder pump, well and furnace)
  • IMPORTANT:  An inadequately sized generator likely will burn up/damage grinder pump motor resulting in replacement cost to be borne by customer.  

What is NOT Permitted to Discharge in our System:
  • Water Softeners
    • Water softeners ARE NOT permitted to discharge into the sewer line.   The Multi Lake Water and Sewer System is not permitted for such high levels of sodium nor do we need the expense associated with treatment process.  Water softeners need to be connected to a french drain and MUST be 50 feet from drinking well.  
  • Geothermal 
    • Geothermal discharge is NOT permitted in the Multi Lake Water and Sewer Authority sewer system.

NO oil interceptors, floor drains, water softener regeneration, or down spouts shall be connected to the sanitary sewer. Restaurants and food handling establishments must have grease traps sized in accordance with the Michigan State Plumbing Code and Township Ordinance and must show proof of grease trap cleaning twice a year. NO storm water drains of any kind may be connected to the sanitary sewer system.