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MLWSA Annual Vacuum Valve inspections

MLWSA Field Staff are in the process of performing annual inspections of all 140 vacuum valves located in Gregory and in the Patterson Lake Area. The valves are tested for proper function and timing is adjusted where necessary to optimize valve and system efficiency.
Routine testing involves a number of activities - initial evacuation of the vacuum pit, evacuation of the pit a second time and recording timing, timing adjustment if necessary and follow up testing. Inspections can take from 5-15 minutes per site. Staff also makes any minor repairs that are necessary, and they inspect the condition of each structure.  All inspection activities are recorded using a smart phone, and automatically uploaded into a  real time work order system.  We inspect street by street to optimize our time spent in the community we are working. Most work can be completed without entering the vacuum pit. When entry is required, staff executes a Confined Space Entry, which is required by MIOSHA and OSHA regulations. Confined Space Entry requires three staff members. 
Staff are replacing valve seats in Chalkerville during this inspection cycle. Valve seats in the remainder of the system will be changed during next years inspection cycle.
Areas remaining to be inspected include Gregory (2 valves) and the Chalkerville area of Patterson Lake, from Max Drive south to the MLWSA vacuum station (35 valves). Inspections should be completed around December 6, 2019.
If you have any questions or concerns about the inspections, please call the MLWSA office at 734-426-9797 during normal business hours.

MLWSA Rate Increase

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Air Release Valve Inspections

MLWSA Field Staff will be inspecting Air Release Valves (ARV's) in the MLWSA collection system beginning Wednesday, June 26, 2019. You may see our white trucks along with a contractor tanker making multiple stops in your area. Workers will be removing groundwater from the ARV manholes, inspecting the ARV's, and replacing any ARV's that have failed. Failed ARV's are returned to our shop for reconditioning. The work is physically demanding, but the MLWSA Staff is up to the challenge.  Inspections should be completed by the end of July, 2019.
Please use caution when driving near our moving work zones.

Pay by Credit Card is now available!

We are excited to announce that MLWSA will now accept Credit Card payments for utility bills. Please go to the Billing  Information tab of our website for more information

Customer Account Portal

With the help of our municipal software provider (BS&A), customers can now access their MLWSA account information on line, 24/7.
You will need your 12 digit MLWSA account number to search this site. Your account number is located in the left column of your utility bill.
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New and Improved MLWSA website

MLWSA's new and improved web site "Goes Live"