Multi Lake Water and Sewer Authority
Mission Statement

The Multi Lake Water and Sewer Authority (MLWSA) is committed to providing the highest quality services for the member municipalities and customers served by the Authority. The MLWSA will be responsible stewards of local and regional water resources by operating and maintaining the organizations infrastructure safely and at peak efficiency.

MLWSA staff will strive to meet all waste water treatment plant operational parameters as set forth in our Michigan Department of Environmental Quality discharge permit.

MLWSA field staff will prioritize and respond to emergency situations promptly. Inquiries will be addressed in a timely manner, and every effort will be made to resolve problems related to said inquiries, even if the inquiry comes from a non-MLWSA member.

All MLWSA staff will ensure that communications with customers, municipal representatives, co-workers, board members, vendors, contractors, and all others encountered during the course of our work day, is professional and courteous.